What is a B2B site?

What is a B2B site? The term B2B means a type of interaction where business cooperates with business. Cooperation may consist in the purchase or sale of goods, the provision of services aimed precisely at the interests of the business. A B2B site is a web resource created by entrepreneurs in order to attract customers from the business environment.

What are the features of such web resources, what are their goals and capabilities?

B2B sites: what is it?

A B2B site is a web resource created by entrepreneurs in order to attract customers from the business environment.

For example, a B2B site and at the same time a SaaS platform for digital marketing. Services for launching mass mailings are aimed at the interests of a business that attracts its end consumer (buyer of services or goods for e-commerce; reader for a media resource).

What is the difference between B2B, B2C, C2C?
There are three main business models:

  • C2C (customer to customer),
  • B2C (business to customer),
  • B2B (business to business).

In the first case, consumers interact with each other, offer goods to each other, and so on. C2C sites are platforms on the basis of which such interaction is carried out. For example, the OLX platform, where you can buy or sell goods and services. Or Couchsurfing, an announcement platform for participants in the program of the same name (travelers agree to stay with each other for free in different cities).

B2C sites are aimed at selling goods to the end consumer. These are online stores and all platforms where retail trade is carried out. This is where entrepreneurs and their clients meet. Instead of Couchsurfing, for example, Booking appears, where you will be offered rental housing for money. On such sites, on the one hand, the company posts information about its services; on the other hand, the user finds a product acceptable to him. Another example of a B2C site is Aliexpress. The client finds goods in the site search, or in search engines.

B2B sites have a more difficult task. They need to “calculate” from the entire mass of users those who represent the interests of a business. That is, the benefits of companies are involved here from two sides. B2B sites have a longer process of converting a lead into a buyer.

What is a sales funnel?

Such sites have to build a more complex sales funnel.


In addition to sites providing services for business, B2B also includes sites for wholesale sales (for example, Alibaba).
Let’s figure out how B2B sites attract customers and what is needed to fulfill their goals.

Before developing a site, it is important to determine the tasks that it will solve. For example, you can limit yourself to a business card site if your main way to attract customers is through direct sales. Then such a site has only a general informative function, but leaves the opportunity to contact you. However, more and more often companies use a detailed site structure with a list of services and their description, tariffs, sometimes with a blog. If we are talking about sites for wholesale sales, then they are more often arranged as online stores.

Consider the features of B2B sites with an emphasis on providing services to companies.